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Discipline & Emotion

Our work is pure passion

We create trust through commitment and dedication
To accompany the growth of savings you need passion and competence. But that alone is not sufficient. You are handing over an important part of your lives to us, a part which is full of emotions, which is linked to the past and stretches out until the far future, thus also influencing the future generations. We are well aware of this and it is for this very reason that we are naturally bound to carry out our work in a professional manner, with the passion and commitment of those who understand the importance thereof
Private assets’ management
Always on the client’s side
Being aware of the importance of our work, we perform the asset management in full autonomy. We are an independent company: we are free to act exclusively in your own interest, choosing the strategies and the products we deem most suitable and striving to exclusively reach the best possible financial results on your behalf. From an operational point of view a simple and transparent model is applied; a model which was tested in over thirty years: through an asset management mandate which sets the investment strategies, the risk profile and any particular instruction, we directly impart the operational orders to the custodian banks and we make sure they are executed in an efficient and timely manner

Daily study, research and analysis guarantee consistency and perspective to our portfolios. We interpret the dynamics of the financial markets in the light of a macroeconomic context

We take care of your portfolio whilst opting for a tailor-made approach, choosing and investing the assets on the base of your portfolio and the chosen risk profile

The context evolves and all of the investment strategies, even the best ones, have to be customized and adjusted. Our management and risk management team assess and customize your portfolio on a daily basis

We constantly interact with our clients and present the developments of the portfolio in a clear manner. Over the years we have experienced that such interaction adds value to the relationship and make it even stronger

Our offer is completed by a consultancy offered by external professionals specialising in tax law, commercial law, company law, administrative law and family law

Institutional asset management
A wider spectrum of opportunities
Along with the assets of private investors we also manage investment funds, including various asset classes, geographical areas and risk profiles. The goal behind our work is to ensure an interesting yield in the long term through the implemented strategies. The investment process ensures a thorough risk management, performed by the internal risk management department. The strategies involving the funds have been applied rigorously by Crossinvest for years and have had stable results in the various phases of the economic cycle. All of the funds we manage directly comply with the Luxembourg UCITS V legislation
Risk analysis and management
Continuous monitoring of the portfolios
Risk management is the base for all the activities performed at Crossinvest. We start with the in-depth assessment of the client’s needs and the risk propensity and then develop further into the phases of the investment process. Our goal is to create strong portfolios which reflect the client’s needs as thus avoiding losses which could compromise a steady growth of capital. More precisely, the risk management identifies, assesses, monitors and manages the risks of the portfolio. We take advantage of all the necessary quantitative methods so as to guarantee a pragmatic approach, whilst bearing in mind that the models cannot substitute the our judgement nor our responsibility towards our clients