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The website can be reached at the URL address http://www.crossinvest.ch, belonging to Crossinvest SA, based in Corso Elvezia 33 CH-6900 Lugano, CHE-103.866.137, holding all of the rights pertaining to it

The use of the website is allowed to consult the information set forth within it, whereas it is forbidden to use it for commercial purposes or anyhow for activities having commercial goals

The term “Use” includes all the operations performed by the user as of the moment of their access to the website, including the mere consultation, no matter what tool they access it through (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), the type of connection (private, offered by a third party, public or by means of a Wi-Fi connection) and the place they are accessing it from

The use of the website signifies the User’s unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as amended by Crossinvest SA over time; we thus highly recommend to review them periodically. The applicable version is the one published on the website at the moment of use



The Site allows the User to know the prerogatives of the Company such as: its brand, its special features, its know-how, its organizational structure, its investment philosophy, its management, employees and the location of the Company's headquarters.

The list of functions is provided for information purposes only and is not exhaustive.



Users shall withhold from:

  • Committing offences;
  • extract, register or take advantage of data and/or contents for which no prior consent was granted;
  • preserve, disclose or publish any and all comments or contents which are illegal, prejudicial, abusive, discriminating, inciting hatred, contrary to public morality or which are detrimental of one’s private life or of another person’s rights, with particular reference to the rights related to image, reputation and intellectual property of the Crossinvest SA website;
  • directly or indirectly try to carry out business, of any kind and nature, by taking advantage of the material retrieved on the website or anyhow by referring to it;
  • preserve, disclose or publicize any content which might, directly or indirectly, be harmful,  to the rights pertaining to the Crossinvest SA website.



The contents published on the Crossinvest SA website are fully compliant with the regulations involving copyrights, so as to protect the copyright and comply with the regulations involving intellectual property, drawings and models, trademarks, names and domains, patents and know-how.

Crossinvest SA holds the exclusive ownership of all of the contents published on the aforementioned website as well as of all the rights deriving from it, and explicitly prohibits the users to use the material (both written material and pictures) in any and all cases and for any and all reasons.



The User is the sole responsible of the actions of consultancy and use of the website. Crossinvest SA​ shall in no manner be deemed responsible for any damages suffered following the access and/or the use of the Website and/or the information set forth within it.

Crossinvest SA shall be entitled to momentarily interrupt access to the website for technical reasons related to maintenance and updates, without in this manner granting any rights or give the possibility to file claims  to the users.

Crossinvest SA shall under no circumstance be held responsible for any malfunctioning of the network impeding the flawless functioning of the website, the right visualisation and/or any event which were to make any previously published information unavailable; additionally, it shall under no circumstance be held responsible for any event or any condition related to the user’s system which were to impede the flawless use of the resources published.

Crossinvest SA shall under no circumstance be held responsible in case wrong or imprecise information were to be published, but undertakes to amend and correct the aforementioned mistakes as soon as this is to become known.



Pursuant to the regulations and the rules involving privacy, the Swiss Federal Data Protection Law dated 19th June 1992 and the Regulation (EU), Crossinvest SA informs that no personal data is subject to computer processing by Crossinvest SA. 



In case one or more clauses of the general terms and conditions of use were declared void after the entering into force of a law, a regulation or a definitive judicial and/or administrative ruling or decision, the other clauses shall remain in forced and unvaried.



These general Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to the laws and regulations of Switzerland. All litigations, which cannot be resolved in an amicable manner, shall be of the exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Lugano.