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People are our best investment
We are convinced that solely strong technical and analytical competences allow an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the financial markets: it is for this reason that we have chosen the best professionals. Anyhow, our work is not only based on numbers; a great deal also consists in listening, interpreting and communicating. It is precisely for this reason that we have opted for persons whom, not only understand the markets, but are also able to understand you
The internal organization of Crossinvest is set up in such a manner so as to guarantee a wide spectrum of services with the attention it is renown for. The departments work in perfect synergy, but there is always a clear separation which ensures the utmost discretion and autonomy
André Audergon
President & Founder
Every idea has to stem from passion and must be revitalised by perseverance. This is the reason why Crossinvest was created
Andrea Poretti
CEO & Managing Partner
From the heart of Switzerland, looking out to the world
Patrick Bolgiani
Managing Partner
Time dissolves the superfluous and preserves the essential
Joël Suter
CIO & Managing Partner
A careful eye: safeguard assets today so as to transfer them to future generations tomorrow; a vivid insight: to govern the continuous movements of the financial markets
Andrea Höing
Our processes and services are defined to allow the consultants to serve the clients at best
Prisca Gambarasi
Head of Front Office Support
In Crossinvest we understand that the tune of success is hard to reach with a single voice. The harmony of an orchestra helps and supports the whole composition
Daniela Pisano
Head of Finance
Trust, perseverance, intuition and diligence. These are the key factors distinguishing our professional growth
Paolo Patelli
Head of Institutional Asset Management
Success depends on the energy and the drive. A motivated team is the best support so as to be able to reach a target
We are the team behind the numbers
Every step of the work we perform is made of people
Transparency in a relationship also passes though faces and our history. In a sector, which is often closed and circumspect, we have decided to show our faces and not to hide behind words. We therefore introduce you our team, which blends the preparation and innovative spirits of the younger professional with the experience gained on the field by our financial managers and client advisors
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