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The adventure started in 1985, when a small group of managers and client advisors made Crossinvest one of the leading independent asset management companies in Switzerland. Based on the solidity of our tradition and our education, we wish to support and guide you towards your goals, choosing the best path depending on your choices
The vast majority of our staff is permanent. The high rate of collaborators who have been loyal to Crossinvest in the last 10 years shows unity, cohesion, growth and continuity within the team
The persons. Following the growth of the activities we have constantly increased the number of staff members in order to confirm excellence, expertise and attention for the work performed
The number of female members of the staff. Their education and their innate relational skills push us to maximise the added value offered by our female staff members
A history marked by objectives
Over time we have been able to value all opportunities that arose, thus consolidating our name on the market and reaching critical objectives. Three decades later we know that aspects such as continuity, asset protection and sustainable growth are key factors
Incorporation of Crossinvest SA. As of this moment our goal has been to combine tradition and experience so as to guide our clients with the renowned Swiss precision and attention

The year of the breakthrough. Start of the relation with the FINMA; the company is granted all the necessary authorisations to perform asset management of collective investment schemes (CISA/CISO)


A partnership in Milan. Incorporation of our subsidiary Crossfid SpA, a static fiduciary which is, amongst other things, able to guide our clients in international regulations’ related matters


A more efficient manner of investing. The Luxembourg platform Crossfund Sicav is started up

A real commitment. The management of Crossinvest SA also become shareholders of the Company

The consolidation of the risk management unit. Through this business unit’s excellence and independence, third party companies can take advantage of our know-how

A new service. Cube8 SA is incorporated, a company offering strategic consultancies for extraordinary finance operations and M&A
A hub in Zurich. The inauguration of new offices in the Swiss business capital marks the opening to new meeting points
Incorporation of Crossinvest Locarno SA. An important strategic step towards best serving our local and international clients in Switzerland, with particular regard to German speaking clients
Some graphs to tell you who we are
Age distribution and personal growth
Age distribution
Innovative and fresh young minds cooperate with those who have a vast and long experience whilst navigating the (troubled) waters of finance
Growth of the staff
We have grown in an organic manner so as to respond to all of the new needs and demands in an ever more complex world
The best ethical and professional standards
We are able to guarantee a serious and impeccable management
Crossinvest SA has decided to comply with the standards imposed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), which monitors the activities performed so as to assess whether all the criteria and the obligations are complied with. The company has appointed Ernst & Young as their auditors in order to guarantee all the laws and regulations in force are abided with. Crossinvest is also part of the ASG, the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, and of the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers